Quality You Can Believe In

We are sincerely happy to inform you that our furniture items are of high quality and meet export standards. The quality of our products are in depth and extensive as we have stringent checks on our products by trained quality inspectors over at our Indonesian side. Example, checks on durability, leveling of items (to ensure anti-shake), moisture content checks. The teak we use comes from government controlled and run plantations in Java,Semarang.

Our teak wood suppliers use Teak wood cut closer to the heart of the tree has an even grain and shape. This also means that the tree used was a harvested tree, cut when the tree was mature enough to yield good wood. The length of the wood is longer and straighter. The percentage moisture content in the wood that we use to manufacture are reduced from 25% to 12-15%. This is achieved by putting the wood into drying ovens for 2-3 weeks to reduce the moisture content down, only then the wood would be ready for manufacturing.

What sets us apart from most teakwood retailers is that here at Karo Teak Furniture, products that are in varnished/sprayed finishing (Rattan Brown, Natural Dark, Walnut, Classic) are covered with 3 layers of spray (same used for cars & commercial planes) which result in 100% finishing for all areas of the furniture item. An added plus point is the fact that the quality of our products is closely monitered and examined by our own company director before being shipped directly to Singapore.

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Direct From Own Factory

Our factory, located in Central Java, employs 50 workers including our own skilled carpenters & a team specialized in product finishing and supported by 5 skilled administrative staff with a factory floor area of about 10,000 sq/ft tith the capacity to produce up to 4 container loads of furniture per month.

Discounts for every container load

For purchases of mass quantity that fill a whole container, you will be able to enjoy unbelievable discounts or otherwise known as "wholesale prices".

Customizable Preferences

Distinctive custom furniture built to your specification.

Processing & Stuffing Of Goods Updates

With a more than a decade of experience handling mass orders to many a countries, you can rest assured that your items will be handled by experienced workers and managed to the best of our abilities. We meet safety standards and also go the extra mile to make sure your purchase orders stay in perfect condition, ready for use immediately after unwrapping.

We at Karo Teak Furniture can take the extra effort of updating you with pictures taken during the processing and stuffing of goods into the container before it is taken to the local port for shipping to your desired location/country.

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